Danny Pynes pounds piano lines, belts three-part harmonies and composes soaring guitar leads in a dark recording studio in Florida. To call him a one-man-band would be incorrect, as the talented musicians surrounding him make his live show possible, but the man truly does it all. His debut LP End Of Times sees him handle producer, songwriter, performer and even video director. If you ask him, he identifies as hip-hop, but when you listen, it’s clear he’s stepping far beyond the normal bounds of the genre.

Born in the south, Gainesville, Florida to be exact, raised on Johnny Cash and trained in classical piano, Danny has spent the last 3 years touring the country, building a dedicated fan-base and sharing stages with hip-hop legends (KRS-One) and hip-hop contemporaries (Yelawolf).

A period of personal loss, punctuated by the suicide of a close friend, sparked the creative fire that fueled the rapper and singer's latest effort.

Bored with the conventional genre's loop-loop-repeat song structures, Danny pulled no punches with the self-produced, full-band instrumentation on End Of Times, enlisting professional vocalist Danielle DeCosmo, punk-rock drummer George Rebelo (Hot Water Music), soul and gospel bass guitarist Ashley Wilkinson and rock guitar virtuoso Lindsay Bush to fill duties, while handling piano, rhythm guitar, synth, and orchestral arrangements himself.

End Of Times is a sermon. A dark, danger-fueled tale of faith and despair. The hooks and the music are big, but the stories are small. Youth, love, life, and death in Anywhere, America. Welcome home.



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